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Irit Dekel – Lead Vocals, backing vocals
Eldad Zitrin – Music production&Arrangements
Gilad Shmueli – Drums
Itamar doari — Percussion
Mark Eliyahu — Kamanche
Idan Kain – Piano and live recordings
Chen Shenhar, Nitzan Kanety, Galia Hai, Moshe Aharonov – Violin&Viola
Maya Belzitsman — Cello
All music Recorded at “Zitrin Studio” by Eldad Zitrin, Tel Aviv 2012.
Drums, Strings and Aliav Family Recorded by Shai Sivan.
Mixed at “Tantan Studio” By Aran Lavi
Mastered by John Davis at Metropolis Studios, London

Project Manager: Chaim Shemesh.
Production: Jude Cohen & Tal Mandel YD productions., May Tzaban.
Production & Management: Alma music.
Director: Roy Eventov.
Editor: Guy Dayan.
Photographer: Itay Gross.
Photographer assistant: Galeb Velkob.
Styling: Bat Chen fur.
Makeup: Yoni Shine.
PR: Moran Paz

© 2014 Neurato Investments S.a.r.l
Guess who I say today:
Written by Murray Grand
Lyrics by Elisse Boyd

You’re so late getting home from the office
Did you miss your train?
Where you caught in the rain?
No, don’t bother to explain

Can I fix you a quick martini?
As a matter of fact
I’ll have one with you
For to tell you the truth
I’ve had quite a day too

Guess who I saw today, my dear
I went in town to shop around for something new
And thought I’d stop and have a bite when I was through

I looked around for someplace near, and it occurred to me
Where I had parked the car, there is a most attractive
French cafe and bar, it really wasn’t very far

The waiter showed me to a dark, secluded corner
And when my eyes became accustomed to the gloom
I saw two people at the bar who were so in love
That even I could spot it clear across the room

Guess who I saw today, my dear
I’ve never been so shocked before
I headed blindly through the door
They didn’t see me passing through

Guess who I saw today?
Guess who I saw today?
Guess who I saw today?
I saw you