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Taunuszeitung 1.3.2016
Bewitching Ballads
By Martina Dreisbach

Tango and jazz as newly born. The Israeli band „Last of Songs“ conquered the Kulturspeicher with imagination and rhythm.

Bad Homburg
Irit Dekel is a bud . Her black page boy cut frames dark eyes and a very red mouth like petals. Hesistantly she sends the first word of the tender love song „The Rose“ into the room, almost as if talking: „Some say love“ . The piano (Eldad Zitrin) paints the catchy melody, the drums (Elad Cohen Bonen) beats as if every word becomes eternity. Adi Har Zvi on the bass adds the melancholy. Then a Tango, Zitrins hands flying at wind speed on the accordeon, the rhythm takes over the slim body of the singer.She laughs, her glance flirtatious, , swaying with the Klezmer music. The clarinet emerges with a shrill sound like a scream.

„Last Of Songs“, four young musicians from Israel, paint the life on the streets and the sorrow of love on to the tiled wall of the Kulturspeicher, lit in a seductive red . It is a German thursday evening, but thoughts are some where else. We stroll through the streets of the melting pot Jerusalem, we feel transported into the provocative jazz of the thirties. The musical phantasy that conqueres the room so versatile and freshly is incredibly bewitching.

Any thought that jazz might be dead or dying bcause it has nothing to tell to young people, neither musicians nor audiences, vanishes. Jazz comes dresses as Blues, with elements of Pop, spiced up with synthesizer sounds, a devine cocktail with infernal solis, when Cohen Bonen beats his drums with a speed that is impossible to follow with your eyes and makes your ears dizzy.

Patience and a wonderful coincidence let to the encounter of Irit Dekel and Eldad Zitrin. The started by trying out a new arrangement of „Blues in the night“ – and they were lucky. So now , on this exiting evening, they are sitting together on the piano bench ,over flowing with music.
The way they turn the fresh, monday morning song „Bye Bye Love“ into a dreamy eyed, searching ballad is classy.

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